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About Us

The Better Kids Institute is a global organization of child development experts with the shared mission of helping parents raise happy, healthy and safe children.

The Institute consists of an information-sharing website at BetterKidsInstitute.com and locally-focused websites in communities throughout the world.

This online child development resource covers such topics as self-esteem, health and fitness, childhood obesity, focus and concentration, discipline, life skills, Internet safety, bullying, child safety, and self defense.

Each community website is sponsored by a local business owner dedicated to the same mission as the Better Kids Institute. Generally this business owner runs a professional martial arts school focused on families, but many types of businesses are sponsors of the Better Kids Institute.

In this community, the website sponsor is Master Hwang's World Martial Arts Center located in Fountain Valley, CA.

You can access the Fountain Valley Great Kids Blog by Clicking Here.

We hope our child development expert’s contributions help you raise happy, healthy, and safe kids.